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Encourage rapid learning at an AdvancED learning academy in Lexington, Kentucky

Posted on 05-02-2014

childcare_lexington_kyWhy is choosing the right infant care center so important? At no other stage of life does learning, with the proper mental stimulation, occur so rapidly. As an involved parent, you know that infancy is when your child needs the most dedicated, tender care.

With the "Hug First, Then Teac" philosophy that we implement at Kids 'R' Kids of Beaumont in Lexington, Kentucky, you have the security of knowing your child is loved and therefore can comfortably learn about the world around him.

The Kids 'R' Kids Infant Big Steps Curriculum is specifically written to allow caregivers to provide each child the attention and individualized care he or she deserves. Our age-appropriate sign language program provides pre-verbal children with an option for communicating. As you can see below, we provide a variety of programs to address the cognitive, physical, and emotional needs of each infant at Kids 'R' Kids of Beaumont:

  • Sign Language Program
  • Pre-Literacy Skills
  • Infant Curriculum Activities and Lessons
  • Indoor and Outdoor Physical Activities
  • Tummy Time With Friends
  • Individualized Daily Reports

The Infant Big Steps Curriculum takes into account that development and learning begin prenatally and continue throughout life. The infants are immersed in a curriculum that invites and promotes multiple opportunities for motor and sensory activities. Their cognitive skills are developed through planned activities where they can interact with the environment to demonstrate eagerness and curiosity, persistence, creativity, and problem-solving. Literacy and language development are also nurtured.

At Kids 'R' Kids of Beaumont we want the best for your child, as we know you do, as concerned parents. We provide professional, loving, and experienced staff to meet your child's developmental needs. From the start we hope that you and your child will feel a sense of belonging and hospitality. We also hope that you will take advantage of our open door policy that provides parents the flexibility to visit their child in the classroom and to speak with teachers, administrative staff, and owners anytime.

Many parents also take advantage of our online Internet viewing system which provides you the opportunity to look in on your child in the classroom and experience for yourself an environment full of affection, learning, safety, and security.

To find out more about our learning academy, contact Kids 'R' Kids of Beaumont in Lexington, Kentucky, today.  

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