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Infant child care in Lexington, KY: Have you ever considered homeopathy for your child?

Posted on 06-20-2014


Homeopathy is a form of alternative medicine that can often be safely applied to infants. It is highly advisable that your pediatrician is consulted first before you use any homeopathic remedies for any of your infant’s medical conditions, whether they are injuries, rashes, diarrhea or any other concerning problem. There is absolutely no substitute for the sound medical advice of your child’s pediatrician. Some alternative treatments that have been shown to provide infants with relief include:

Probiotics: These contain helpful bacteria that re-establish a healthy balance of intestinal flora within your infant’s system and they are often recommended for infants suffering from diarrhea, colic and even eczema. Speak to your pediatrician for a recommendation on a brand and dosage.

Chamomile or fennel tea: These herbal teas, served in a cool, mild dose several times a day are often recommended for infants with colic or gas. This can help reduce discomfort and calm infants who are fussing or crying.

Reputable homeopathic remedies: If your pediatrician recommends this course of treatment, he or she can guide you towards a safe, reputable treatment for your child. These treatments cover a wide range of conditions and generally have no side effects and promote self-healing.

Aromatherapy: As with adults, aromatherapy has been shown to help relieve pain, congestion and headaches as well as promote restful sleep. A couple of drops of essential oil in a bath is ideal. Choose eucalyptus for congestion, lavender for relaxation and peppermint for headaches. If your baby is fussing, simply try a few scents until you find one they love. Vanilla is always a favorite.

If you are interested in pursuing alternative treatments alongside traditional medicine, visit Baby Moon. They offer Mom and infant yoga classes that teach parents to help infants get relief from colic, improve the digestive system and improve sleeping patterns while promoting bonding.

If you are looking for a child care facility that offers more than a traditional day care and will give your child the best start in life, visit Kids ‘R’ Kids Learning Academy of Beaumont. Our innovative infant care program focuses on nurturing your child and provides them with plenty of love and mental stimulation to help them reach each developmental milestone. With us, your child will enjoy music, story time, cuddling and exploring while we help them realize their potential for language, physical, cognitive and socioemotional development. Contact us today for more information.

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