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Lexington KY Daycare: How does stimulation affect early brain development?

Posted on 12-17-2014


For all we think we know about the brain, we continue to learn so much on a daily basis. Effective stimulation in early childhood can benefit a child up to fifteen years later, as shown by this study in The Guardian. This truly shows how vital the early developmental years can be for a child regarding brain development.

Allow us to share some insight with you on how effective stimulation of a child’s brain can provide him or her with a competitive advantage later in life:

The vital years

Learning and stimulation are good for any child, at any age. The key to real success is healthy brain development between the ages of zero and five. During this time, the brain is developing for more advanced learning. These foundations need to be big enough, so the brain has dedicated enough space for learning during early daycare years. If this does not take place the brain will not be prepared for more advanced concepts.

Practice makes perfect

Is is now understood that practice really does make perfect, in regard to understanding and retaining knowledge. The more your child actively partakes in certain activities, whether they are physical, cognitive or emotional, the better he or she will be at these activities later in life. Good foundations will develop a far greater comprehension of related subjects.

If you’re considering a daycare or preschool environment in which to enroll your child, you will want to ensure the best early childhood and infant brain development possible. At our Learning Academy in Lexington you can be confident that your child will be developing a solid foundation, which will continue to flourish later in life. Contact Kids ‘R’ Kids Learning Academy of Beaumont in Lexington Kentucky where we place utmost importance on healthy brain development, at a young age, through the utilization of our exclusive Brain Waves™ Curriculum.

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